Elizabeth Dupree LynchIn her travels around the world, Elizabeth DuPree Lynch has been very inquisitive about people, different cultures, their histories, and the expression of their art and design.

An entrepreneur throughout her life, Elizabeth has launched five successful companies, ranging from being a developer & designer to her current international art consulting company, founded in 1986.

She has now chosen to channel her passion and creativity through the medium of Fine Jewelry, allowing her to more fully express her vision, talents and abilities.

In the Elizabeth DuPree Lynch Collection, jewelry is another expression of energy. Through her intuitive knowing and understanding of energy, Elizabeth uses these gifts to help others. Each piece, with its intricate patterns and Earth’s natural gifts (elements of beauty), she is guided to arrange and place them in a way that assists each wearer to receive the Gifts they are drawn to individually.

Everyone wants jewelry that is well made and that is why she has chosen Italian Master Jewelers to handcraft her designs. Every detail of the presentation of her jewelry has been considered to create the most elegant and beautiful impression. She has commissioned an Italian Master Jewelry Box and Display manufacturer of the most prestigious jewelry companies in the world to hand make each piece for her exclusive line.

The Elizabeth DuPree Lynch Collection is donating a percentage of the sales of her jewelry to assist Children in Need.

Elizabeth's desire is to create something both beautiful and meaningful for others.